YouTargetr – How I Turned $5 Into $97,209 in 2018 What’s…

YouTargetr – How I Turned $5 Into $97,209 in 2018

What’s YouTargetr?

YouTargetr Allow Users Spend Less Time And Save More Money While Getting Maximum Results (Penny Clicks) From YouTube Video Ads.

The software Helps Them Find Their Niche-Specific Videos, Channels to Place Their Video Ads In Seconds Without Needing to Do All the Hard Work While Getting Quick And Fast Results Tapping Into The Grossly Despised But Profitable World Of YouTube Video Ads.

This Video Marketing/YouTube Ads Targeting/SEO app combines the incredible power of Google and Youtube search ability to fetch you just the right monetized videos or niche-specific trending videos to target in your YouTube ads.

But it goes beyond just helping you fetch monetized videos…

With YouTargetr, you can easily find popular channels/videos, filter the monetized and non-monetized videos, target your videos/adword ads to be placed on those popular videos that are monetized, and also have the ability to fetch the exact data that made those videos popular so you can implement on your own videos and rank higher on YouTube and Google as well.

Here Are Some Powerful Features Built Into YouTargetr:

1.   Built in channel search functionality: search a particular channel for trending videos and monetized videos, including their data ie description, tags, video rank for that keyword, and even transcripts.

2.   Easy but robust Geolocation Keyword research functionality, utilizing the incredible power of both Google and YouTube search engine for trending keywords/videos on both platforms per location.

3.   Robust search filter functionality e.g. filter between recent videos, video views range, channel subscribers, likes, unlikes, monetized and non monetized videos

4.   Incredible dual-source keyword research/suggestion tool that provides you with keyword ideas right within the portal. The tool even supports geotargeting and powerful wildcard search capability.

5.   Ability to download, export in csv, copy researched data to clipboard and paste in Adwords account.

6.   Organize monetized videos into target lists saved within the platform that you can easily call up and use for your campaigns

7.   Robust geolocation Video Rank Checker – that lets you see the exact rank of ANY video per keyword per location.

8.   Ability to reach out straight to the channel about page where you can directly contact the channel owner, should you need them for influencer marketing.

9.   Ability to spy on any video URL to see their exact ranking metrics; tags, description, etc.

10.Works across all device types; desktop, mobile, PC, Mac, etc.


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