Who Created The Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

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Part #2: Who Created The Knowledge Broker Blueprint? There are three creators of the program. They are world-class entrepreneurs who have built wildly successful businesses in the knowledge industry.

And they’ve all done numerous things and run various companies, you might have heard about. I think? Let’s meet them. #1: Who is Dean Graziosi? Dean Graziosi is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author and motivational speaker and runs various multi-million business ventures.

Dean Graziosi Dean is committed to helping people become financially free and achieving happiness and success in all facets of their lives. Currently worth Dean Graziosi, he has created several successful programs and books.

One of his books which I recently bought and fell in love with is the Underdog Advantage. Powerful Read! Dean built his multi-million empire not just from the information industry (but several investments) and it is no surprise that Tony Robbins teamed up with him.

Oh no! Did I just reveal our second KBB creator? #2: Who is Tony Robbins? Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, best-selling author and one of the most successful and sought after life coach and motivational speaker.

Tony Robbins on stage He is one of the creators of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. Tony is passionate about helping others attain success and fulfillment for over 4 decades.

I mean he’s been into the business of changing lives for over 40 years! When it comes to selling knowledge and skill, Tony is a world-class genius at it.

He has carved a space for himself in the knowledge industry. Don’t tell me you don’t know Tony? With a net worth of $500 million (2019), Tony Robbins is known all over the world.

#3: Who Is Russell Brunson? Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and co-founder of ClickFunnels. He popularized the concept of sales funnels with the rise of his sales funnel builder software, ClickFunnels. Russell Brunson – author Dotcom secrets ClickFunnels is a software that helps entrepreneurs build funnels easily with no code and get their message to the world.

Russell has sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his marketing books and has a following of over a million entrepreneurs. Disclaimer: I’m one of his die-hard followers. And also an active user of CF and consumer of his products.

He’s passionate about helping people get better at marketing and entrepreneurship and his course, trainings, and masterclasses have done so over the years.

These three world-class leaders are the brains behind the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course.

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