Becoming A Marketing Expert?

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Module #2: Fill It The Fill it module contains 5 lessons and contains about 8 hours of content. KBB module2 The second module is based on how to get your event filled up with the right, like-minded audience. You’ll also learn how to increase your profits and maximize your impact on them.

Lesson #1: Becoming A Marketing Expert Be on the right track of building your knowledge business by learning effective marketing strategies from Tony and Dean.

They have used these same strategies to earn millions of dollars on their events and they will show you in this lesson.

⦁ Marketing & sales redefined – Forget everything you know about marketing and sales, then learn from the world’s best.

⦁ Mastermind marketing philosophy – When it comes to mastermind-type events, there are special marketing approaches that work best.

⦁ Hook, story, close – The classic way of making sales, applied to events and masterminds.

⦁ Bonus: Quick hacks to overcome anxiety

Lesson #2: Mastermind Funnel Blueprint Funnels are a series of pages or steps which lure a prospect into taking your desired offer. In this lesson, Tony and Dean teach you the basics of how to create funnels that convert so You’ll be able to build your own funnel for your event.

⦁ Website VS funnel – What are the differences? Which one should you use?

Anatomy of a landing page – Learn the components of a high-converting landing page

⦁ What to charge for your event – Make it too cheap, and people won’t take it seriously. Make it too expensive, and no one will come.

⦁ Creating your first landing page – Even with zero technical skills.

⦁ Bonus: The listen, do, succeed framework

Lesson #3: The Wagon Wheel Just like a wagon needs many spokes to be stable and move the cart forward, so does your business need several streams of ideas, traffic, and income to be successful. You’ll learn the major ways to fill, run and make money from your events (no matter the niche) in this lesson.

⦁ The marketing wagon wheel

⦁ Facebook blueprint

⦁ Youtube starter pack

⦁ Social media secrets

⦁ Affiliates made easy

⦁ Email management

⦁ Bonus: Tony’s best advice for entrepreneurs

Lesson #4: The Different Pages There are some technical pages that would prove annoying while building the knowledge business. Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi will guide you on how to create your order and application page in this lesson.

⦁ The perfect order page

⦁ The perfect application page

⦁ Creating your order & application page

⦁ Bonus: The secret to winning negotiations

⦁ Lesson #5: The Launch Secrets Now it’s time to get set for the launch of your event. This lesson contains the important aspects of launching your event and even so it works on autopilot long after the original event ends. You’ll learn how to perfectly launch the right way.

⦁ Launch & evergreen



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