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Part #4: What’s Inside The Knowledge Broker Blueprint? The KBB by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi is made up of 4 easy to follow modules and bonuses which I will break down in a bit.

Here’s a rundown of each module and what you should expect to find inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint mastermind course:

Module #1: Extract It This module deals with finding the ultimate starting point for your knowledge business. It shows you how to find the unique expertise you can sell to make profits and impact the world. It contains 4 Hours 48 Minutes of 5 lessons. KBB module1

Lesson #1: Tony Robbins Secret To Success To succeed in life and anything you do, you need to start with the right positive mindset. In this lesson, Tony Robbins teaches you how to have the right attitude and mindset so you can boost your progress and attain massive success. What does it take to succeed? Mindset Secrets to scaling your business.

What to expect moving forward Bonus: Tony’s secret energy for life Lesson #2: Your Expertise & Ideal Client In this lesson, Tony and Dean will show you how to figure out the unique and profitable expertise that you’ll use to impact the world. And they would teach you

how to find your ideal clients who would be happy to pay for your expertise, no matter the price! Discovering your superpower Identifying your ideal client The narrow your niche tool Bonus: 3

Simple ways to eliminate stress Lesson #3: Story, Teach, Tool Facts tell and stories sell, they say. Stories are really powerful. They are one of the most effective methods of selling ANYTHING to ANYONE.

Tony and Dean would teach you how to craft better stories that effectively sell your offer in this lesson. The secret art of storytelling Extracting what you will teach BONUS: Tony – Why people buy feelings

Lesson #4: Your Toolbox There are various moving parts to building a knowledge business. And this could prove overwhelming and challenging if you don’t know the right tools.

This lesson sees Tony and Dean share an amazing collection of tools and concepts that would help you optimize the challenging components of growing your knowledge business. This was quite lengthy.

The clarity tool Who I am & what I do Seven levels deep I know I’m being successful when Your not-to-do list The needle movers The spotlight tool The success loop The one thing Negotiation secrets Ideas worth doing The connections tool The wrap-up tool Bonus: 3 simple habits to create ”Overnight Success”

Lesson #5: Your First Agenda This lesson would help you in creating your first agenda so you can test what you’ve learned and started earning profit from your knowledge. Tony and Dean would show how you the most profitable way of creating your first agenda which is by running a virtual or physical event like a mastermind or workshop.

⦁ Picking your event name

⦁ Picking your event type

⦁ Creating your first agenda

⦁ Bonus: Tony – How to take massive action.

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source https://tidevein.tumblr.com/post/190571475610

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