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Module #4: Knowledge Broker KBB review module4 What if you don’t have any expertise or skill that you could profit from? How do you partake in this? In this module, Dean and Tony would show you how to organize events for other experts to sell their knowledge for a part of the profits.

You can partner with experts and then split the profits. Plus, you’ll also see how Tony and Dean started their journey, ups, downs, and winnings. I think you’ll learn tons here and use their personal stories to shape your career. This module sets you on the path to becoming a top knowledge broker.

⦁ What it means to be a knowledge broker

⦁ Getting a commitment from the expert

⦁ Foundation of a successful business

⦁ Bonus: The truth about Tony & Dean’s success The entire KBB 4-module course was created to set you on the path to building a profitable business selling your expertise. But it doesn’t end there.

You’ll get access to powerful software that would help you in the course of building your knowledge business. It’s the MindMint Software.



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