Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition

What is actually OFUE? When we 1st hear that name what comes to our mind? In this article I’m going to take a closer look at Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition. It is basically a program or u can say a course that is intended to teach you how to build and scale a 6 to 7 figure affiliate marketing business from Paid Traffic.

Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition 


Product: Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition

Creators: Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer

Official Website: Link

Recommended? Obviously

What is Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition?

This is essentially an affiliate marketing training program that is completely available online and will teach you all of the details of becoming an affiliate marketer.

It shows you how you can make six and seven figures through this career as well as four specific methods that you can make huge profits. These are:

  • Earning a high-percentage of commission based on low-ticket digital products. A low ticket digital product is a lower priced product positioned to be the “intro” into your suite of products. It is usually the first exchange of payment for your customers, and so should be the first natural step that leads into your high ticket product / recurring products.
  • Earning recurring commission based on monthly recurring-products. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the predictable recurring revenue earned from subscriptions in a particular month. It includes the recurring items in your subscriptions such as coupons, discounts, recurring add-ons, etc. One-time charges like setup fees, non-recurring add-ons, any non-recurring ad hoc charges, and the amount charged towards taxes are not included.
  • Earning high CPA commission from physical and digital products. CPA marketing, also known as cost per action marketing, is a style of the affiliate marketing model that offers a commission to the affiliate when a specific action is completed. The lead action can be anything from making a purchase to getting a quote, watching a video, or filling out a form.
  • Earning high commission from high-ticket offers. A high ticket digital product is a higher priced digital product usually something like a video course or online masterclass, but it could also be software or a hybrid coaching program for example (hybrid coaching is video plus live coaching). By focusing on the high ticket product first, you can create a larger amount of revenue in a shorter space of time and can then invest your time and resources into marketing other products in the products system.

Creators of Overnight Freedom?

Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones are the creators of Overnight Freedom. They are highly experienced internet marketers. They are very well-skilled individuals who help ordinary people to quickly learn and flourish in affiliate marketing. Since they have extensive experience regarding marketing this course will probably end up being a life changer to you.

Gerry Crame is a highly successful affiliate marketer, digital expert, and SEO analyst who started his career in 1999. Presently, he makes $22K+ per day through affiliate marketing. He also coaches students to become a leading affiliate in just a few steps.

Rob Jones started his career in 2011, he is an expert digital marketer and entrepreneur. He has created and sold numerous software and enjoys a laptop lifestyle.

What’s Inside?

This program is divided into 8 core segments. In 8 short weeks as you follow the Overnight Freedom System you will learn-

Week 1 – Setting up your Facebook Marketing Funnel

Week 2 – Architecting The Perfect Ad

Week 3 – Setting up your Pre-sell Page

Week 4 – Piecing it all together

Week 5 – Split testing, tracking and Scaling

Week 6 – Ad Accounts & Credit Cards (Your business Assets) and Mindset

Week 7 – Advanced Strategies, Hacks and Tips

Week 8 – More Advanced Strategies

Major Twists?

If you are really interested in making money as an affiliate, then you should consider enrolling in this program. Overnight Affiliate has remarkable twists and turns for students, this will be a game changer. If you are wondering why you should choose it, I am giving you some insight….

1. Powerful Traffic Sources: Overnight freedom usessome of the most powerful sources of scalable traffic sources. They include Google Display Network, Facebook Ads as well as YouTube Ads . Learn everything about some of the most scalable and powerful sources of paid traffic – YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads.

2. Site Builder Software: if you are going to use this affiliate program, you will receive a site builder software. This is a new cutting-edge program that will allow you to build Google, YouTube, and Facebook-compliant sites. If we need to build a higher converting YouTube and Facebook compliant website, this is possible only if we go through this course. Learning this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Don’t do paid ads directly to an offer from the affiliate. Instead using presell pages is the best option. Learning these skills give you the chance to create high conversion presell pages and funnels. It helps us to become a SUPER affiliate range. Hence. We get complete freedom for making changes as per our choice.

3. Massive Commissions: the creators of this program have already negotiated great deals with some of the best vendors. They offer higher commissions than the normal standard rates. Note that in some instances, you will get a chance of earning more than 90% in commissions. This course let you gain access to negotiated offers with vendors offering higher commissions than usual rates. We can earn even 90% of commissions.

Most importantly, mentors unleash some super-amazing offers that let you earn a reduction on the ‘backend’ arrangement which is available only to members. You will never find this anywhere else. With these offers, we can earn almost 50% on the high ticket product of $500-$2500. Additionally, there are some offers where you will earn a good amount of money from the ackend sequence’. So, you will have an additional option of earning 50% for a product that costs between $500 and $2500! 

4. Premium Ad Generator: This is a revolutionary software which writes your ads. With the help of advanced software, we can write practical yet beneficiary student’s ads with ease. The AD Generator is based on analyzing many best performing ads on YouTube and Facebook and allows us to gain high converting ad copy designed in a short time. As a result, it makes it easier for you to get the best ads.

5. Weekly Prizes: during the first 12 months, this affiliate program will be awarding cash prizes every week, which can be available until next year. The cash prizes intend to encourage students for taking necessary actions with the program materials. It is simply a motivating factor to ensure that you take seriously everything regarding the materials found within this program.

6. Few sales, high earnings: As a student, you have to make only 4 sales in one week to earn 100K PROFIT a YEAR from this course. This is insane! 

My Opinion

In my personal opinion, I have found this benefits from this course

  • Earn Higher Commissions from Varying Sources
  • Earn High Commissions from Digital and Physical Products.
  • Learn Building Perfect Ads for More Revenue
  • Simple and Systematic Approach with Proven Results
  • No Requirement for Prior Experience or Expertise in Affiliate Marketing.
  • Earn Recurring Commissions on a Monthly Basis.
  • Run a Sustainable Full-fledged Business.

So, to me Overnight Freedom is an awesome training course designed for those like me who sincerely wish to learn everything about affiliate marketing and use it to their advantage of earning money. In the world of affiliate marketing, this program is going to be a game-changer and it comes with its distinct and own unique features. A lot of affiliate programs, I should say most of them pay standard commissions, but with Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition, you can earn higher commissions. Not only this. It is known to utilize a cutting-edge technology that will eventually do nearly all the prerequisite tasks for you including creating ads.

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source https://tidevein.tumblr.com/post/621459422128078848

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