Key To Freedom

Are you sick of others telling you this is what you should be doing, but it doesn’t feel right for you?

Do you find yourself dropping back into old habits that no longer serve you, or humanity?

Do you find yourself wanting, but unable to adopt a better way of seeing yourself, or the world you live in? 

This book will give you practical keys to:

Effectively manage the disruption, distraction and external demands of life. Tune in to your highest, best self, and confidently make decisions that honour you. Release common feelings of worry, fear, doubt and frustration. Feel secure to allow your unique gifts to shine and create the life story you want.

Come Receive Your Keys

Tips, tools and techniques are here for living your best life now. Another level of connection, communication, wellness and heart centered leadership awaits you. This time it is without the pressure that you may have experienced before. May you love using these keys and unlocking more of the amazing you.

Reading the Keys to Freedom is like going away to a mind, body and soul wellness spa. This book leaves you revived. The author measured words are carefully orchestrated to touch on all of life’s issues. Mrs. Hodge’s life coaching experience lives throughout the pages, coaching and encouraging the reader to unlock their ability to thrive. I’ve bookmarked pages and highlighted passages to refer back to in the time of need. And this one passage will remain in my mind always: “When someone is lashing out in anger, their battle is not with you, but with themselves. It is their personal battle and in time they’ll leave you out of it.” Having had a hard time with death, I was personally touched and comforted by Mrs. Hodge’s own experience with the topic. I highly recommend this book as a life journey companion.

My experience of reading it was different to my experience of reading any other book. Robyn’s book is full of positive ideas, questions and examples which all felt like gentle nudges in a forward direction. I liked how the book lent itself to me reading it a little bit at a time. I am a person who has many things on the go at the same time and it was very convenient for me to pick up the book when I had a few moments spare and read a little more.

I like structure and most books I read are very regimented with their structure. Robyn’s book was different in a way which I think was beneficial to me. As I read Robyn’s book, I simply felt gentle, lovely, positiveness washing over me. I guess in a way it was like listening to music. I am a very analytical person and can usually easily define things with words. However, I think Robyn’s book and they way she wrote it got to a deeper level than my mind. I felt it somehow spoke to my body. It feels difficult for me to describe as I am trying to describe something invisible and intangible.

To put it simply, I would say reading Robyn’s book made me feel good and as a result life appeared even more beautiful that it already appeared. There are many books out there telling us what to do and how to do it. I thank Robyn for her approach of inspiring rather than instructing. Keys to Freedom is a very refreshing read!



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