Lead conversation system 2 

Lead conversation system 2

Product : Lead conversation system 2

Creator : Chad Nicely

Launch date : September 21

Price : $1,497 – $3,000

What is lead conversation system 2?

LCS2 was built by digital marketers to fit the needs of businesses of every shape and size. Features include a sales pipeline, automated lead follow up, a powerful tagging system.LCS2 clients receive a pre-trained Virtual Assistant to help and train them to generate 1,000 leads per month.

Who is the creator?

It’s a product sold by a big Jvzoo vendor, this is Chad Nicely, who has made multiple large projects online.

What you will get from lead conversation system 2?

  • The main value is actually in the monthly upsell where we get quality survey + DFY Quiz.
  • Premium course available  inside all mastermind training
  • 1,000 leads of buyers per month

Will i get automatic updates?

YES. You will get automatic  update after a few months of purchase. They  are very active in their platforms.

My Verdict

I thing its a good course with so many benefit. You will load  your own branding, colur, logo and  domain name. Its not release  yet.So you will get other information  in  near september.

source http://www.fightingpovertywithfaith.com/lead-conversation-system-2-%ef%bb%bf/

source https://tidevein.tumblr.com/post/623007121228939264

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